The wonders of bacon never cease to infuse my palate with pleasure. The latest concoction that Horgan created for us–you will never believe this–was something called “Macaroni and cheese”. And, Journal, the best part is that the CHEESE was made with BACON! Anything that comes out of a cow is worth trying at least once, of course. But mix it with smoked pig fat, and you have a recipe for carnivorous delight.

The cheese was a present for us from Vermont. The cows must be particularly well-fed and happy up in the Green Mountain State; their cream is heavenly. Horgan said he needed to get away from all the fur for a few days, so he left us to go skiing. He has no idea what Lester and Pfizz built in the gear room while he was gone. Or what they did to his cordless drill.

Next time, Horgan may just decide to go sledding in the back yard.