Lock picking: Lester and I read everything we could find about it. Pfizz found a paper clip and a screw driver in the kitchen junk drawer. Cleo supervised.

The assault on the gun-safe began. Let Mrs. Higgsbottom have the gear room–we were after the tuna. We worked night and day.

It took us 72 hours, but we finally cracked it.

Inside, we found 28 cans of tuna. And this, taped to the door:

“Dear Spy Kitties,

Congratulations. You have successfully mastered the Lock-picking Course. Did you figure out my Amazon.com password, or did you do it the old-fashioned way? I hope you at least found the screwdriver I left you in the junk drawer.

Enjoy the tuna–try to make it last until I get back.

If you’ve got a few days left, try the gear room. Mrs. Higgsbottom will leave it locked, but she won’t be back now that you can feed yourselves.

Your boss,