Journal–I woke up to a strange sound this morning. There was the usual whirr of Horgan’s espresso machine, the background noise of his arcade game in the kitchen, and of course the blips and beeps of Lester and Pfizz playing “Battleship” against each other on two of the iPad’s.

But there was something unusual right next to me, on the guest bed: the never-before sound of Cleo…purring?

She stood on her dainty tip-toes, looking out the bedroom window at something in the front yard. A bird? A baby bunny?

I stretched and stood up next to her. Nope. There was a hot pink plastic race car in the driveway.

“It’s my birthday!” she cried. “Horgan remembered!”

She hopped off the bed faster than Horgan drank his first cup of coffee. I followed her into the kitchen, where Horgan sat at the table holding a mug. “Keys, Boss?” she said.

He tossed her a ring. “Stick to the test track. Happy 6th birthday, Cleo. Don’t forget to share.”

Her tail wagged like a Golden Retriever’s.

I’ve never seen her so happy. But I’m still waiting for my turn.

Happy Birthday, Cleo. You deserve it.