The Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Book Review

When I first opened Carmen Agra Deedy and Randall Wright’s “The Cheshire Cheese Cat,” I was, I have to admit, disappointed. I expected actual cheese. But once I became acquainted with Skilley, the brave feline protagonist, and Pip, his tiny murine accomplice, I cheered them through  plots so twisted it would take the Queen’s own seamstress to put them to rights. I was right on the seat of my tail every time cook showed up with her iron ladle, the skulking alley cat Pinch got his paws on a mouse, or the famous Dickens himself seemed about to undo Skilley’s house of cards, all for want of a piece of cheese (and although it stands nowhere near bacon in its divinity, I cannot, in truth, blame him). But no one in the Cheshire Cheese Pub was without secrets, and one after another, they all were revealed, with an ending so uproarious you wouldn’t have been surprised if the Queen Herself were to appear…

Cleo is reading it now and sniffling, “Poor, poor Nell.” I know exactly what part she’s at, and I shan’t ruin the ending for her.

God Save the Queen.cheshirecheesecat1