Cat cannot live on bacon alone

Journal–You above all know my fondness…no, I’ll say it, my love…for bacon. How many times, in my wild days of stray-dom, did I come back from Horgan’s butcher shop in a euphoric state of bacon-filled bliss? Once we moved to the Secret Agent Cat Training Facility (Formerly Known as His House), I expected a steady diet of the meat candy. Imagine my surprise when he started feeding us…food. By which I mean, cat food. (Not made of cats, of course.) No longer did I have to hunt lesser mammals and infuriating feathered beasts, I dined on “Fancy Tuna”. Huh. As if cats love to swim, and spend their idle days at the beach. Nonetheless, it was delicious, and I was assured, nutritious.

And now I know why. Today I found this tragic (but somehow…tantalizing) story of a stray cat who lived for a year on McDonald’s hamburgers alone. The Great Nim knows, a similar fate could have been mine, if my stomach had any say in it.

Not that Horgan ever bought me a McDonald’s hamburger. There’s one just up the road. How hard would it be?

I mean, one wouldn’t hurt, right?ku-xlarge