Spy Cat

Don’t Lose Your Spy Cats!

Journal — What would Horgan think if I disappeared for three years?

Well, according to this “Inquisitr” article if he was a UK politician, he might start worrying that I was a Chinese spy. Apparently that’s what happened to Freya the cat. Poor thing. She wandered out one day, started living with a neighbor (who probably had better food and a cleaner litter box), and when she finally came back, was accused of treason. I quote:

“Since the cat’s owners were located using an electronic chip embedded under the skin, some government officials are concerned that the feline might be outfitted with bugging devices.”

I have an electronic chip under my skin. I am routinely outfitted with bugging devices, micro cameras, and more. None of these things have anything to do with the Chinese. For Freya’s sake, I’m baffled.

I’m not sure how reliable this source is. “Inquisitr” is not even a word.

But just to be safe, I’m going to stick close to home for a while. And remind Horgan to clean the litter box more often.