Horgan’s Butcher Shop has been home to the best cuts of local meats for over ten years. Whether you’re looking for homemade sausage, pasture-raised beef, center-cut bacon, or some of Horgan’s famous chicken wing dip, there’s no better place to find it in the village.

Don’t forget to bring quarters for one of Horgan’s arcade games–his latest one is “Race Car Monster”. If you are worried about the spy camera mounted to the ceiling, don’t be. It’s probably not recording you, unless you’ve done something suspicious lately.

In his spare time, Horgan is a Covert Animal Handler for the CIA (but don’t tell anyone–it’s a secret). He is currently training four feline agents at the Secret Agent Cat Training Center, formerly known as “his house”. If you think your cat may have special abilities (is he/she sneaky? does she like to pounce/jump/leap from tall places? have you noticed any particularly crafty uses of the items in your recycling bin?), please consider a career in Feline Espionage. New recruits are always welcome.

P.S. If you are visiting the butcher shop, don’t worry if you run into the occasional cat. The shop is protected by a HEPA air filtration system rated to 0.1 microns and 25 air changes per hour. Health inspectors love that kind of thing.