Look at that handsome cat–doesn’t he look heroic? Where is he going? Why does he have a grappling hook? Now you can read my book and find out! Timber Howligan Secret Agent Cat is available today from Amazon, iBooks, and Nook.

All proceeds from the book will go to charity–Alley Cat Allies. These folks understand cats like me who make our homes in the wild. We don’t need to be “rescued” and imprisoned. I might adapt to living in a home again, but Lester or Pfizz? No way. They’d eat your canned salmon, then bite you. You can imagine what happens to cats like this in animal shelters…

It isn’t pretty.

Alley Cat Allies educates shelters everywhere about the best way to handle feral cats (“stray” cats like me and barn cats like Lester and Pfizz). Trap-Neuter-Return sounds rough, but believe me, it’s better than the alternative. When shelters stop trying to “save” us, it frees up space for the animals that like curling up on your pillow at night. Everyone wins.

Buy Timber Howligan Secret Agent Cat. Find out how I save the day. Become an Alley Cat Ally.

Now available: The Epub! If you have already bought the book, the ebook is yours if you want it. If you prefer a Kindle version, Amazon should have that for you for free if you’ve already purchased the book. If you are lucky enough to have stumbled on this first, great. Consider donating to Alley Cat Allies here.