Until I found out my best friend Lester McMuffin was an actual secret agent, I was a carefree Cat of Mystery and Adventure. The woods were my home, rodents were my breakfast, and my worst enemies were the village librarian who refused to give me a library card and the man at Lester’s farm who was allergic to cats.

One night last winter, Lester and his ill-tempered friend Pfizz changed all that. I discovered that the words of my teacher, the Great Nim, might not be enough to guide me through every situation. I had to invent new weapons, use my wits, and go through an entire week with barely a plan.

On the other paw, without me, Lester might never have driven a car, shot a cow, or reconnected with his mother. And I’m certain that without him, I never would have gotten to rappel out that window, ski behind the van, or fall out of the tree.

What are friends for?

I used to think it was someone to share a bowl of milk. A good friend might share your troubles. Now I know better: Friends believe in you, so you can get yourself out of trouble.

If you ever find yourself up to your whiskers in trouble and don’t know where to turn, let this website be your library away from home. Lester and I believe in you.